Issues & Solutions - Where I Stand

I am running FOR Vancouver! So many candidates seem to be running AGAINST each other, but I look forward to building up, not breaking down. I am running to continue to improve the neighborhoods that make Vancouver special and unique. For years, I have been working to improve our community – by working with non profit organizations, meeting with our residents, and collaborating with our leaders. As a resident of Vancouver since 1985, I understand the priorities of our business community, our non-profits, and our neighborhoods. I’ve watched our community change and grow over the years, and I'm proud to have been an active and involved citizen since I arrived. 

It is important to me that our city gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life and I will ensure that our constituents have a city that works for them every day.

As your Councilmember, I will use my business experience and community relationships to bring people together to solve the important issue that face our city. A few of the areas that I will focus on are:

City budget

I want to be sure that we are spending our money efficiently and projecting a long-range plan so we are prepared for growth and economic development without over-taxing our businesses and residents. The best way to avoid crisis spending is to plan, and I have decades of experience making strategic plans, building budgets, and projecting forward.

Public Safety

Safety is my priority. In order for our community to thrive, our residents need be safe and secure. This includes providing adequate funding for police, fire, and emergency services, as well as working every day to build our community's connectedness and investment in supporting each other and working collaboratively to make our home an incredible place to be.

Waterfront Development

This is a game changer for our entire metro area. I want to see this area continue to develop in a way that will make Vancouver a destination for not only our county but the entire region. This west-side development can have broad positive impact throughout our city, if the council plans wisely and leverages the waterfront development's growth to impact all areas of our community.

Homelessness and Affordable Housing

This growing concern in our community is affecting everyone. From those who have nowhere to go, to those who are on the fringes, to citizens who are currently secure, but worry for the health, safety, and security of themselves and their neighbors. My desire is to bring our entire community together. This is an issue that is affecting the entire Pacific Northwest region, and we can't solve it in silos. As the City of Vancouver, we need to start working more effectively with Clark County, elected officials from the small cities, and neighborhood, social service and business leaders in order to develop solutions that are a win/win for everyone involved. 


Our focus can’t JUST be on a new I-5 bridge. I hear from business leaders every day that getting around our city is more difficult than ever and it is negatively affecting businesses and livelihoods. From transporting our children to school, to delivering supplies to stores, to emergency services getting to your call, we need to seriously evaluate plans for transportation infrastructure and get to work implementing them.

Rebuilding our Relationships

Over the last number of years, our city and county councils' relationship hasn’t been strong. I work with all the current county councilors through my professional work and on a variety of nonprofit boards. I want to bring that collaborative relationship to the Vancouver City Council to help rebuild trust and begin to move this entire county forward. 

East Side

Although there is definitely an east side/west side split in our community, I can say from experience that many of the concerns on each side of town are similar. I live on the east side and my work brings me downtown every day. I will make sure our east side residents have a voice as we continue to expand our city and bring more amenities to everyone. I believe all of our neighbors and business leaders deserve a seat at the table. 

This city has been fortunate to have a history of strong leadership.  I will honor the legacy of those who have come before me by standing up for our values and working tirelessly to improve public safety, work to end homelessness, rebuild our infrastructure, continue to innovate and streamline city government, and fight for our businesses and neighborhoods.